Staff Interview



Ooi Meng Kin

Ooi Meng Kin

Consultant Senior Manager

  • 入社年度2014年
  • 担当国Malaysia
  • 所属SCS Global Consulting (M) Sdn. Bhd.

"I am having real fun and enjoyed every moment of my work."



I currently hold the Senior Manager Consultant post in SCS. I have joined SCS for 2 years and during this period I have the privilege to work in an exciting atmosphere with great and exciting people. 

SCS provides the perfect platform for me to improve my problem-solving and critical thinking skills. The consulting projects that I have been exposed covers areas such as: 
a. Research and feasibility study
b. Business transfer exercise
c. Licensing application (e.g. operating license, regulatory’s approval, employment pass)
d. Due diligence exercise 
e. Valuation exercise 
f. Transfer pricing documentation
g. Liquidation
h. Corporate finance and advisory work 
i. HR consulting
j. Retrenchment exercise
k. SPC setup



I try to wake up between 5.00 am and 5.30 am. After waking up the first thing I do is to meditate for at least 45 min to 60 min. This is the most important action of the day as it takes care of my mental state. I believe a calm and peaceful mind offers great opportunity to be effective and productive during working hour. Lately, I have also started doing stretching exercise after meditation (if time permits). Then it is a good mildly warm shower before I fetch my son to school and head to office. I will take my breakfast in office upon arriving and start my work from 8.30 / 8.45 am and end around 6.30 / 7.00 pm. In the evening, I will do an hour workout before having my dinner and then have my family time. I will usually knock off at about 10.30 / 11.00 pm.



I like SCS because the partners have a strong belief in work life balance. If you are happy at home, you have one less problem to worry about and thus, can direct the mind to concentrate in tackling your clients' problems. 

Besides this, I get the see different companies and meeting different people. This will also give me the opportunity to engage with senior management to understand their problems and provide solutions that meet their expectations. And when you see the client implementing your ideas and they come to fruition, you know very well that you have delivered results/value to them. This gives great job satisfaction.

While remuneration package is crucial to one's livelihood, one should look beyond this. I have worked in various organisations before SCS (e.g. Big 4 and commercial companies) and I can tell you that I love working at SCS because I am having real fun and enjoyed every moment of my work. 



After writing so may positive factors about SCS, I will continue to stay at SCS until I am no longer valued.